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Use Scientific Criteria Alongside Police Intuition for a Successful Interview

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Critical Factors That Will Improve Police Interviews We make mistakes in assessing the credibility of a witness and when detecting deception during police interviews. These errors occur for many reasons. In this article we will learn to identify how to avoid making these errors. Below is a list of few suggestions that we will discuss. Understanding [...]

“This course is an invaluable tool for interviews, interrogations,…and is applicable across a wide variety of police applications.”

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I conducted our Behavior Analysis and Investigative Interviewing this week at MSSU. We all had a great time while working very hard! It is an honor to serve our protectors! Here is a bit of what they had to say about their experience: "Behavior Analysis will greatly assist me to spot deception I would not have [...]

Multi-Channel Deception Detection

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Emotional Intelligence Group trained twenty three professionals from across all the major civil airport security and military/government agencies/groups (included uniformed and non-uniformed staff from Border Police, Immigration, Passenger Screening, Transport Police, Behavior Detection Officers (BDOs), Air Marshals, Aviation Security officials, Gendarmerie, Intelligence Service, etc.). These professionals participated in a fifty-six hour deception detection training event that included [...]

How Good Are You at Detecting Deception?

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Did you know that most people fare only slightly better than a coin toss at detecting deception? This includes professionals such as Psychologists, Judges, the Secret Service and even Police Officers. As a matter of fact, most people are much better at lying than they are at spotting lies. (Vrij, 2000). In a meta-analysis of two [...]

The Role of Emotional Solvency in Police Performance: Addressing the Failure to Engage

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Society rightly expects highly capable police officers that are able to manage interpersonal conflict across a wide spectrum, from an emotionally charged conversation to the tense uncertainty of combat. Police behavior not in alignment with community expectations culminates in unnecessary conflict, community disillusion, and public distrust. These challenges that occur in the human-to-human exchange are at [...]

Understand the Role of Your Emotions in High-Stakes Performance

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This article and my future posting on emotional management are as applicable to high-stakes boardroom decisions as they are to peak performance athletes or the combat environment. There is no one single point of human performance failure in combat or even within competitive sports. However, an argument can easily be made that the mental, emotional, and [...]