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The great Polish poet Wisława Szymborska attempted something similar in her poem “Photograph from September 11”:They jumped from the burning floors — one, two, a few more, higher, lower.The photograph halted them in life, and now keeps them above the earth toward the earth.Each is still complete, with a particular face and blood well hidden.There’s enough time for hair to come loose, for [...]

Remember that Memorial Day is Day of Remembrance

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This is a fantastic article written by Matthew Moench!  This is so well-written that I wanted to share it! "This weekend, towns and cities all across the country will remember our nation’s fallen heroes by holding parades, participating in ceremonies, and decorating the graves of those who served, in addition to barbecues and gatherings with family [...]

Cops Afraid To Do Their Job

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All Force Decisions are Value-Laden Decisions In order to comprehend the emotional magnitude of force decisions we must know and understand that all force decisions are value-laden decisions. That is, the decision to use force is a uniquely individual decision that cannot be separated from what the officer, at his or her core holds [...]

Part II-Reasonable Force for Police K9 Handlers-Travis Walthall-Master Trainer (Ret.)

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To read part I click link below. Part II The use of police canines in the United States was indirectly brought to the forefront by the Department of Justice. On August 9, 2014 Ferguson, Missouri Police Department Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown. Officer Wilson is white. Michael Brown, who died from [...]

The Role of Emotional Solvency in Police Performance: Addressing the Failure to Engage

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Society rightly expects highly capable police officers that are able to manage interpersonal conflict across a wide spectrum, from an emotionally charged conversation to the tense uncertainty of combat. Police behavior not in alignment with community expectations culminates in unnecessary conflict, community disillusion, and public distrust. These challenges that occur in the human-to-human exchange are at [...]

Understand the Role of Your Emotions in High-Stakes Performance

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This article and my future posting on emotional management are as applicable to high-stakes boardroom decisions as they are to peak performance athletes or the combat environment. There is no one single point of human performance failure in combat or even within competitive sports. However, an argument can easily be made that the mental, emotional, and [...]

Hesitation Kills: Know Who You Are

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Hesitation in combat, or in any decision-making circumstance, is a result of an unresolved inner conflict. Let me demonstrate this phenomena at two extremes. Chocolate Fudge and Multiple Opponents I like fudge. Specifically, fudge with black walnuts from Richardson's candy store. Many years ago, having had Thanksgiving dinner, with full belly, in my easy chair, a [...]

Time Management in a Combat Environment

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Time Management in a Combat Environment There are three types of time compression to be managed in a combat environment. They are: 1. Real Time-Compression 2. Perceived Time Compression 3. Self-Imposed Time Compression   Managing Real Time Compression Real time compression is when the operational tempo or your circumstances dictate an immediate response. A bypass or [...]

A Psychological Paradigm for High-Yield Performance: Part 1

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A Psychological Paradigm for High-Yield Performance I applaud Instructor Zero's integration of cognitive psychology into his training. World-class athletes are distinguished by their ability to regulate and focus attention in a dynamic and fluid environment. This cognitive approach also helps to reduce the physiological arousal experienced in challenging or threatening environments. However effective, this cognitive approach [...]