I conducted our Behavior Analysis and Investigative Interviewing this week at MSSU. We all had a great time while working very hard! It is an honor to serve our protectors! Here is a bit of what they had to say about their experience:

  • “Behavior Analysis will greatly assist me to spot deception I would not have been able to before.”
  • “This class gave me a tremendous amount of info I never knew. It will greatly enhance my investigative interviewing skills.”,
  • “This course provided a vast amount of detail…and can greatly increase our investigative powers of observation and strengthen interviewer confidence in extracting actionable information.”,
  • “I can’t wait to put this training into place!”,
  • “Great training that I plan to start using tomorrow. It provides scientific credentials to my interview summary that I can use instead of my gut feeling only.”,
  • “This course is an invaluable tool for interviews, interrogations,…and is applicable across a wide variety of police applications.”

It was an honor to serve those that protect us!