Capt. Bob Higginbotham MA (Ret.)
Capt. Bob Higginbotham MA (Ret.)Founder/Instructor
I bring behavioral science to real-world applications. An expert in high stakes, real-time interpretation of human behavior, I also have over twenty-five years of experience and research in high-yield human performance with which I bring a unique perspective to credibility assessment and risk analysis.
I use a multidisciplinary biopsychosocial approach for high-stakes, real-time interpretation of behavior as well as a predictive diagnostic for future behavior.
Behavioral analysis is applicable for C-Suite assessment, veracity assessment,trial preparation including deposition analysis, written statement analysis, focus groups, mock trials, witness preparation, jury selection, and opening-closing Statement Preparation.

My courses are drawn from my diverse experience in both the operational/tactical and the administrative response to critical incidents, large and small, manmade and natural, violent and destructive. They are a culmination of over twenty-five years of experience as a law enforcement and martial arts instructor.

I serve as a Board Member for the Tomkins Institute, which specializes, in applied studies in motivation, emotion and cognition. Owner and Founding Member of Blue Line Science Group.

Blue Line Science Group employs and works with leading social scientists to bring the best research in human behavior to the forefront of academic and professional development, for real-world applications.

I apply behavioral science to improve performance across disciplines to include leadership, management, and all high-stakes environs.

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Shawn Dodson MBA
Shawn Dodson MBAInstructor
Shawn Dodson is a founding member of Emotional Intelligence Academy (USA), LLC., EIAGroup is dedicated to research, training, and high stakes consultation that assists organizations to minimize risk of Fraud, Deception, and Malintent through the implementation of leading-edge behavioral science.

With almost 20 years as a law enforcement officer and criminal investigator, he has devoted a significant portion of his professional life to the development of his unique, high stakes, understanding of human behavior and communications through extensive training and via the streets of Real World, USA.

Shawn also has a vast amount of experience in developing executives and professional staff in the areas of human behavior and leadership principles. His knowledge, skill, and experience allow him to provide unique insight for his clients and help them gain perspective on why people behave as they do and what can be done to understand and adapt to them, as individuals. These are skills that can truly be game changers in public and private professional organizations.

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Travis Walthall (Ret.)
Travis Walthall (Ret.)Instructor/Owner and Founder of Patriot K-9 Training and Consulting
I have twenty-three years of law enforcement experience. During that time, I served as the K-9 Team Leader and Master Instructor for the Joplin Police Department’s five dog teams.

I am responsible for the training of prospective police officers to POST standards in the area of firearms at the MSSU Regional Police Academy. I have served as a police academy firearms instructor since 2003.

I founded and operate Patriot K-9 Training to improve police K-9 operations throughout the United States. As a North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) Master Trainer, my goals and training methods are built upon NAPWDA standards. NAPWDA is one of the most recognized and respected police dog organizations in the country.

It is my goal to place high quality, professionally trained police canines and handlers on the streets in order to assist in making your community safer for citizens and officers. Our consulting service is designed to assist administrators in establishing and maintaining a proficient canine program. We offer education in the areas of handler selection, legal issues, budgets, community relations, canine program expectations, and program needs and requirements.

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