Emotional Intelligence Group trained twenty three professionals from across all the major civil airport security and military/government agencies/groups (included uniformed and non-uniformed staff from Border Police, Immigration, Passenger Screening, Transport Police, Behavior Detection Officers (BDOs), Air Marshals, Aviation Security officials, Gendarmerie, Intelligence Service, etc.).

These professionals participated in a fifty-six hour deception detection training event that included coaching, assessment, feedback and reinforcement. The group used each other under close observation to develop attentiveness skills, manage biases and remove contaminating questioning interventions.

The group pretested at 55.1% accuracy and their post-test  results were 84.67% accuracy. The tests included identifying targets in airports as well as mock-theft tests.

The delegates reported that the key for them was the multi-channel data collection combined with the usefulness of engaging, casual conversations that created no problems for the truthful subject, though created trouble for the liar who leaked the truth from across the channels when they were lying.

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