Capt. Bob Higginbotham MA (Ret.)

Curriculum Vitae

Capt. Bob Higginbotham MA (Ret.)


Owner and Founder of Blue Line Science Training and Consulting

Owner and Founding Member of EIAUSA LLC and US Provider of Paul Ekman Training

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1801 W. 32nd St. Suite C-210, Joplin, Mo. 64804

I have over sixteen years of law enforcement experience. I have functioned as a supervisor in many positions including patrol, training, internal affairs and investigations. I have over twenty-five years of martial-art experience, most of which I have served as a trainer/coach.

I am considered an expert in the broad area of “use-of-force” including the development of defensive tactics programs and curricula, use-of-force policy and as a certified Force-Analyst from Force Science Research; I am an expert in the investigation of use of force-events. I was also the Tactical Supervisor for the Joplin Police Department SWAT-Team. I serve as a Board Member for the Tomkins Institute, which specializes, in applied studies in motivation, emotion and cognition.

Owner and Founding Member of Emotional Intelligence Academy-USA (EIAUSA) (October 2016 to 2018)

EIA Group employs and works with leading social scientists to bring the best research in human behavior to the forefront of academic and professional development, for real-world applications.

With a head office based in Manchester, UK, EIA Group operates internationally with a range of forensic communication, emotional awareness courses, and consultancy services. Our research and courses support foundation skills through to a unique Master’s degree in Communications, Behavior and Credibility Analysis (MSc in CBCA), in partnership with the Manchester Metropolitan University.




Professional Standards Captain, (January 2015 –January 2017)

The Support Services Bureau plays a vital role in the delivery of police services to citizens, businesses, and visitors to the City of Joplin. As a Captain, I have been the Public Information Officer and as the Bureau Commander of Professional Standards, I have been responsible for the Training Division, CALEA-Accreditation, Crime Analysis, Records Division, and Fleet Management.

Investigations Bureau Sergeant, (March 2012 – January 2015)

As an Investigations Bureau Sergeant, I was responsible for all property-crimes and person-crimes detectives as well as Homicide Investigations. I served on the Tri-State Major Case Squad. Additionally I was responsible for the Evidence Facility-management. I also supervised the Southwest Missouri Cyber-Crimes Task Force. I authored the Joplin Use of Force-Policy as well as the Joplin Response to Deadly Force Plan

Patrol Bureau Sergeant, (2009-2012)

As a Patrol Bureau Sergeant implemented a Team Building curriculum wherein officers are taught to embrace and internalize organization values. During the May 2011 tornado disaster response established the 20th and Main Command Post and later operated the 17th and Range Line Command Post.

Internal Affairs Corporal December 2008 – August 2009

As a Corporal in Internal Affairs I was responsible for personnel recruitment, internal investigations and coordination of the Disciplinary Review Board. I was the first line mediator with dissatisfied customers and responsible for the preservation of the integrity and reputation of the Joplin Police Department.

Training Bureau (Interim/Acting) Sergeant May 2008 – December 2008

  • Researched and developed the preliminary policy for the implementation of the Joplin Police Department Deadly Physical Force Plan.

S.W.A.T. (2004 – 2015)

  • Tactical Supervisor of the twenty-four-member team.
  • Entry Team Leader
  • Sniper Team Leader
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Behavior Analysis and Investigative Interviewing-EIA Group
  • MA. Sociology/Criminology Lincoln University-Jefferson City, Mo. 2012
  • BS. Criminal Justice Administration, Missouri Southern University 2003
  • AS. Law Enforcement, Missouri Southern University 2003
  • Graduate-Lincoln University-Mo. Police Chief’s Command College 2011-2012
  • Resource allocation
  • Leadership Adaptation
  • Police Leadership
  • Advanced Governmental Budgeting
  • Critical Incident Planning
  • Civil and Criminal Risk Management
  • Critical Thinking and Strategic Planning
  • Law Enforcement Professional Writing and Public Presentations
  • Certified Analyst–Force Science Research Center
  • Investigation of Officer Involved Shootings
  • Introduction to Hostage Negotiations
  • Precision Rifle Instructor
  • Master Instructor-Defensive Tactics



Key skill areas include:

  • Administrative and Operational Management
  • Analytical Problem Solving
  • Policy Development and Implementation
  • Workflow Planning, Scheduling and Prioritization
  • Officer Training and Supervision
  • Resource Allocation
  • Police Leadership
  • Civil and Criminal Risk Management
  • Use of Force-Expert

Certificates and Training Documentation

Table of Contents *(PDF document of actual certificates available upon request)

  1. MSSU Police Academy Certificate (Information) 1988
  2. MSSU Police Academy Certificate 1988
  3. Missouri Class A License 1989
  4. Policing in a World of Diversity 1991
  5. Missouri Class A License (Reserve) 1993
  6. 5th Degree Black Belt Diploma 1996
  7. Degree of Associate of Science-Law Enforcement 2001
  8. Degree of Bachelor of Science-Criminal Justice Administration 2001
  9. Missouri Highway Patrol Basic Tactical Operators Course 2004
  10. FBI Basic Sniper Course 2004
  11. Snipercraft Basic Sniper Course 2004
  12. Snipercraft Advanced Sniper Tactics 2004
  13. Trainer Certification-Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint 2006
  14. Investigating Use of Force for Field Supervisors 2007
  15. The Bullet Proof Mind 2007
  16. The Street Survival Seminar 2008
  17. The Street Survival Seminar (certificate of completion) 2008
  18. M26 Advanced TASER and X26 Instructor 2008
  19. Defensive Tactics Instructor Development 2006
  20. WMD Awareness AWR-160 2008
  21. Enhanced Threat and Risk Assessment 2009
  22. Enhanced Threat and Risk Assessment (certificate of completion) 2009
  23. First-Line Supervisor School 2009
  24. Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement 2009
  25. Mid-Level Management School 2009
  26. ForceAnalyst-Force Science Research Center 2009
  27. National Tactical Operators (NTOA) Conference 2009
  28. NTOA Instructor Certification-Response to Active Shooter
  29. NRA Instructor Development-Precision Rifle Instructor 2009
  30. Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar (Training female L.E. officers) 2009
  31. Constitutional Law Update 2009
  32. Less than Lethal Force (Seminar) 2010
  33. ALS-Less Lethal Instructor 2010
  34. Master TASER Instructor 2010
  35. Chemical Suicide Information 2010
  36. Harnessing the Winning Mind and Warrior Spirit 2010
  37. FEMA Decision Making and Problem Solving IS 00241 2010
  38. Officer Involved Shooting Investigation (certificate of completion) 2011
  39. Terrorism Awareness 2011
  40. Staffing and Resource Allocation 2011
  41. Fundamentals of Crisis Negotiation 2011
  42. Leadership Adaptation 2011
  43. Police Leadership 2011
  44. Governmental Budgeting
  45. Critical Incident Planning 2012
  46. MIAC Fusion Center 2012
  47. MODEX, Index-Mo. Technology 2012
  48. Coplink Basics for the Missouri Data Exchange 2012
  49. Security Awareness Training 2012
  50. Civil Liability and Risk Management 2012
  51. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 2012
  52. Strategic Planning 2012
  53. LE Professional Writing 2012
  54. Self-Management Inventory 2012
  55. POST: Law and Rules 2012
  56. Open and Closed Records 2012
  57. Media Relations for Law Enforcement
  58. Humanizing Policing 2012
  59. Logic and Ethics in Law Enforcement 2012
  60. Technology in Law Enforcement 2012
  61. Internal and External Politics 2012
  62. Use of Force Policy and Law 2012
  63. Assessment Center Management 2012
  64. Testing and Certification/Accreditation 2012
  65. Legal Issues of Background Checks 2012
  66. Fair and Impartial Policing 2012
  67. Legal Aspects of Selection and Promotion 2012
  68. EEOC/FLSA/Sexual Harassment 2012
  69. Internal Investigation 2012
  70. Labor Law 2012
  71. Graduate-Missouri Police Chief’s Command College 2012
  72. SWAT Supervision and Management 2012
  73. Missouri Police Chief’s Association (Certificate of Membership) 2012
  74. Managing Police Discipline 2012
  75. Master of Arts Sociology/Criminal Justice 2012
  76. Transcript from Lincoln University (Master of Arts) 2012
  77. Active Shooter Executive Law Enforcement Conference 2012
  78. International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association 2012
  79. Initial Response to Vehicle or Person Borne IED 2013
  80. Emotional Skills and Competencies-Paul Ekman International 2015
  81. Evaluating Truth and Credibility-Paul Ekman International 2015
  82. PG Certificate in Behavior Analysis and Investigative Interviewing- EIA Group/Manchester Metropolitan University 2016
  83. Face and Emotion: Facial Action Coding System- EIA Group/Manchester Metropolitan University 2016
  84. Psychophysiology-EIA Group/ Manchester Metropolitan University 2016
  85. Attentiveness & Mindfulness- EIA Group/ Manchester Metropolitan University 2016
  86. Guest Speaker at the 2017 Tomkins Institute Conference. (Emotional Competence: A Paradigm Change in Police Training)