Effective Police Supervision

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Blue Line Science Training Group


Missouri Southern State University


Effective Police Supervision

April 23-27, 2018

*** 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. ***


MSSU Criminal Justice Bldg.

3950 E. Newman Rd., Room 125

Joplin, MO. 64801


*This is not a traditional lecture course.

*Individual and group activities, tasks, role-playing and tabletop exercises are implemented to increase engagement, to enhanced motivation and greater comprehension and knowledge retention.


This course will help a newly assigned employee transform into a supervisor or refine the skills of an experienced supervisor. The supervisor learns key supervisory skills including coaching, counseling, and mentoring. The student is introduced to tactical control procedures applicable to small-scale incidents or mass casualty events.

  • Affective skills are emphasized. (Attitudes, empathy, fairness, integrity, values, loyalty)
  • Conceptual skills include; analysis, assessment, decision making, prioritizing and solving problems
  • Knowledge skills: directing, evaluating, administrative credibility, and policy implementation.
  • The supervisor learns the importance of communication skills, the communication process and learns to identify and overcome barriers to communication.
  • A strong emphasis is placed on tactical operations. The supervisor will learn the proper deployment of available assets to a critical incident as well as the proper integration of the Incident Command System into the response to the incident. (Participants will use a tabletop exercise to practice skill sets appropriate to first-responders.)
  • The supervisor will learn to build a team and to dispatch controversy and conflict while facilitating effective relationships. This course section identifies the characteristics of an effective coach. (Vision, self-confidence and self-development)
  • The supervisor will learn how to work for change by being knowledgeable, communicating, being involved as well as learn about the influence of informal leaders and how to manage mandated change.
  • The supervisor will learn about the marginal performer, work stressors and task stressors as well as identifying warning signs of personal problems such as suicide, alcohol abuse and divorce.



This is Missouri P.O.S.T. approved training. For registration or additional information contact Stefanie Allen at (417) 625-9511 or email allen-s@mssu.edu

 For additional course information contact Bob Higginbotham at bob@bobhigginbotham.com

For more Information about Blue Line Science Training Group see www.bluelinescience.com