2018 Meeting Focuses on Safe and Healthy Communities

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Emotional Competence: Building Safe and Healthy Communities
Tomkins Institute Annual Meeting 2018
17-18 September 2018

Communities and schools struggle with problems such as crime, bullying, rudeness, and violence. These echo popular culture, where people often act macho and explosive. These issues may create intense stress for frontline law enforcement officers, educators, first responders and health professionals. While no one should expect schools or towns to repair damage caused by severe neglect, trauma or mental illness, all of us are affected, and there is much we can do.

The Tomkins Institute is excited to offer a two-day workshop for agency heads, senior administrators and staff on the application of Silvan Tomkins’ Affect and Script paradigm to education, law enforcement, community conflict and health care.

The workshop will help you build on your professional experience and knowledge to:
1. Gain a new understanding of emotion—especially shame—and apply it in relationships;
2. Understand Tomkins’ Blueprint for human motivation;
3. Learn skills to modulate strong negative emotions such as fear and rage;
4. Apply specific strategies to de-escalate dangerous situations;
5. Re-envision your own day-to-day practice and workplace culture through an explicit understanding of emotion;
6. Use Tomkins’ framework to explain why restorative practices work to heal harm, resolve conflicts and prevent violence;
7. Be able to create a restorative environment to address conflicts and incidents and prevent them in the future.

The workshop will be facilitated by long-time police officers Bob Higginbotham, Matt Casey and Paul Schnell, with psychiatrist Susan Leigh Deppe and psychologist Nancy MacConnachie. John Cutro joins Casey and Schnell to bring many years of restorative practices teaching and experience across a wide range of settings.

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